Tips for Grooms, Best men & Ushers on how to get ripped for the Big Day.

In order to get the best advice possible I approached Josh Griffiths from JG Performance. Josh lives and breathes conditioning, nutrition and has a state of the art Gym in Three Cocks near Talgarth, Mid Wales which meets all the criteria required to sculpt and tone your body to reach your desired goals.

Josh suggested that before you take the first step onto the road of becoming an Adonis for your Wedding Day you need to ask yourself what do you want to achieve and why are you going to train? Do you want to get into shape for the wedding photos and for Speedo honeymoon selfies or do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle so that you can maintain a good physique and be healthier in the long term? He mentioned the SMART principle. Be Specific, Measure progress, plan on Achievable targets, be Realistic and have an appropriate Time-scale in mind. He suggests a minimum of a 12 week window to reach a substantial and noticeable improvement. As some engagements can last for a year before the Big Day it’s a case of the ‘sooner the better’ if you want to address body shape change.


In order to maximize your potential, Josh highly recommends approaching a reputable Personal Trainer for a consultation to discuss your current state of health and how to go about making realistic goals. This way a programme can be established to ensure you will look as cut as ribbon at an opening ceremony.

To lose fat and gain muscle tone Josh suggests using a combination of using weights and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). There are few benefits from spending hours at a time in the gym when with the use of HIIT you can be done and dusted in 40 minutes. In layman’s terms it consists of working at a high tempo with short breaks in between. We all lead busy lives, be it our work load, kiddywinkles, social lives or general commitments. Therefore to commit enough time to reach your fitness goals requires a bit of juggling. From a nutritional point of view Josh suggests eating a protein based breakfast and post work out proteins and carbs and always keep hydrated. If you can only fit in pre-work sessions Josh suggests using an Amino Acid supplement with breakfast because your body is still fasting as you haven’t eaten since the previous night and you will end up burning muscle tissue instead of fats which undoes all of your well-intended hard graft.


In a nutshell  

Be SMART with your goals. Decide if it’s long term health improvement gains you’re after or a short term journey to look good for the framed Wedding photo that will be on your mantelpiece for the rest of your happily married life and your Honeymoon Instagram Banana Hammock poolside selfie. A great way to make a realistic target is to sign up for a 10k race, a Mud Run or a Tough Mudder event in advance so that you have specific motivation. Josh has entered groups of gym-goers on these events in the past as it gives people focus, it’s a good laugh and it’s an accomplishment along your journey of becoming more ripped. Hydration is vital to good health. Avoid the caffeine in energy drinks, tea and coffee. Depending on your current physical shape you will need (at the very least) 12 weeks ideally with a consultation with a Personal Trainer and most of all take the HIIT.

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