The Wedding Bar.

Speaking from the perspective of the weddings I have had the pleasure of cutting shapes at; the core ingredient for shenanigans is Lucifer’s sauce. I have collared one half of welsh based Malthouse Bars’ Mr Jordan Curran to share his experiences through sober eyes from behind the bars of the many wedding receptions they have attended.

Barry bar

Jordan shared that ‘at the risk of sounding cheesy’ it’s always nice to be a part of someones Special Day as people are generally up for a good time and they are never boring because each Do is unique. We asked him to share his top tips, most annoying habits, ideal guests and general anecdotal gems.

Top tips

The old adage of ‘The customer is always right’ is the top of Jordan’s customer service priorities. Malthouse Bars are located near Talgarth in mid-Wales and due to positive word of mouth they are booked at wedding venues as far a field as North Wales, Gloucester and beyond. Top tips for happy couples booking a wedding bar is to avoid choosing random welcome drinks or Beers on tap on the basis that a few members of their family have a lot of love for a certain rare Belgium Ale that is casked by Monks on the second week of every leap year. You can’t please everybody all of the time so he advises to choose booze which travels well and will please the majority. Having said that Jordan feels he is happy to go the extra mile if the client is willing to go the extra dollar as he’s people pleaser and generally a ruddy nice bloke.


Most annoying things

Jordan dislikes it when there is ‘Heavy Traffic’ at the bar. In layman’s terms when people order their drinks and then sup away while parked at the bar it makes it trickier for other people to get served than asking a Poodle to give you a ‘Thumbs Up’. Another pet peeve of his occurs when guests try to haggle with him over the cost of drinks.

Jordan shared that things get really interesting when the wave of wedding day drunkards meets the sensible and sober evening folk. On the whole the evening party guests tend to hit the ’Catch up’ Jaeger trail and come the Wedding Party’s Chicken Dance finale the majority of all revelers are more sozzled than a hungry Elk in an out of season Orchard.

Anecdotal gems

Jordan recalled that at one particular wedding, tipsy members climbed up on to the bar and boogied away like Swayze. He shared that unfortunately one guest (there’s always one) who happened to be especially rotund and hairy to-boot clambered up and only for the sturdy Welsh Oak bar a disaster was averted. Jordan said it bowed a tad and thankfully the pleasantly plump soul burned himself out with his over exuberance. Some birds weren’t mean’t to soar.

Another time a guest was so pickled they attempted to buy a round with a Morrisons’ Miles voucher to no avail. ‘Every little helps.’ My favourite experience Jordan shared came about when he asked the married couple-to-be whether they wanted to invent and name a Cocktail to be sold on their Wedding night. They were asked to name it after a precious & romantic moment they had shared that reminds them of happy times together. The scamps decided upon ‘Sex On The Golf course’. Love is patient, love is kind, love is driving one into the rough & bagging a hole in one.

In a nutshell

Choosing a Wedding Bar with a reputation of stress free efficiency will save you a whole world of bother. If you try and save a few quid by supplying your own welcome drinks or table wines then that’s all well and good until you arrange the refrigeration, glassware, glass washing and corkage. Of all the days in your life this is one where you don’t need to invite additional hassle and stress. Malthouse Bars are a first class, customer centered business and you can read more about them by following this link.

malthouse flyer

As always if you’re a Best man, Groom, Father of the Bride, a Bride or Bridesmaid this year see ‘our services’ for speech writing.  Have a look at some of our previous speech writing blogs.

Coming up

How to write a Groom’s speech.


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