How to deliver the Father of the Bride speech in your stride.

The Father of the Bride Speech. ‘It takes a real man to give away an angel.’

If you’re reading this then there’s a strong chance that you’re about to give your daughter away to her new beau. Rest assured you are in very safe hands Sir. If this isn’t a big enough ordeal in itself to give away your daughter you also have the Albatross around your neck of being the first batter up at the big game of wedding speeches. You are going to set the standard for the Groom and the Best man. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog I guarantee you will be more confident in delivering your Father of the Bride speech because I break it down into six bite sized manageable chunks. If the thought of public speaking scares the bejesus out of you then check ‘Pre speech nerves blog’. Get comfy and clear your diary for the next ten minutes as your world is about to become a lot less stressful.


A problem shared is a problem halved.

1 – Welcome everyone to the Wedding of Mr & Mrs John Doe. Initially focus on the Groom’s family. A simple “Earlier on today we were two separate families. Now we are one family who will always be there to support the new couple in all their challenges and accomplishments from this day forward.” Share a little something about yourself for the guests who you may not know you yet. Such as an introduction including your name and mentioning that you’re the proud father of the beautiful Bride.

Part 2 – Compliment how lovely the ceremony was and how stunning the reception looks. Add how beautiful the couple look and how breath-taking your daughter looks and that the Groom scrubs up pretty well too. Share any humorous snags that have cropped up along the journey since the engagement. Such as the Stag being Duct-taped to a lamp post or any similar light hearted tomfoolery. If you were brave enough to go on the Stag Do you could share that there are ‘3 Rules’ when talking about the Stag Do. 1. You never talk about the Stag Do. 2. You never talk about the Stag Do and 3. You never, ever mention the Stag Do.

Part 3 – Sweet and sincere opportunity to reflect on the Bride. Perhaps share a cute anecdote of her as a child. (Such as her first Teddy. Describe the moment you first held her as a baby, mention any of her childhood nicknames or mishaps) Mention her notable achievements and successes growing up and any proud moments. Maybe a few ‘slightly’ embarrassing tales such as Driving Lessons or that she kept her Blanky close by well into her teenage years. Finish on a succinct description of what makes her unique and what qualities make you proud to be her father.

Part 4 – Share some words of advice for the couple that have perhaps stood you in good stead. An example of fatherly advice for the Groom could be “Just remember you may have lots of different jobs throughout your life but as of today you will always have one Boss.” Or “My wife always says that above all the most important thing a husband can do is to listen. At least I think that’s what she says I don’t always pay attention.” Another winner is offering personal advice to the Groom such as “Throughout my blissfully happy married years I have learned three specific things. Never go to bed on an argument. Always pull your pipe out to spit and above all remember a man is not complete until he’s found a wife, then he’s finished.”

Part 5 – Say something warm about the newlyweds and emphasise what strong points they have as a couple which fills you with confidence of them having a long and successful marriage.

Part 6 – Thank the family of the Groom for producing your son-in-law and for their help and support in the success of today. Raise your glass and finish on a toast. “To love, laughter and a happy ever after. To Mr and Mrs…” Job done. Now you can sit down, exhale and metaphorically put your feet up with a job well done.

In a nut shell

Just remember a good Father of the Bride speech is like a mini-skirt.  It should be short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the nitty-gritties. Use six separate pocket sized prompt cards. Make sure you’ve practised you’re speech several times ‘See Preparation Blog/7Ps’. Best of luck, enjoy the honour and just remember that every person at the reception is rooting for you.

As always if you’re a Best man, Groom, Father of the Bride, a Bride or Bridesmaid this year see ‘our services’ for speech writing.  Have a look at some of our previous speech writing blogs


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